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28cm x 600cm Embossed / Textured Vacuum Sealer Food Roll - Made in Italy - Sousvide compatible

28cm x 600cm Embossed / Textured Vacuum Sealer Food Roll - Made in Italy - Sousvide compatible
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Premium quality embossed 28cm wide vacuum sealer rolls, made in Italy, guaranteed foodgrade, BPA free and sous-vide compatible. Each roll is a generous 6m in length, other sellers are usually 5m long. Please select your pack size, the more you buy, the more you save!

Our vacuum sealer rolls have a special criss-cross pattern which allows your vacuum sealer to work better. Fresherpack rolls are embossed on one side only and smooth on the other, this gives the best of both worlds as the air is still drawn out correctly but the clear side is available for presentation purposes and perfect viewing of your sealed item. In fact some brands of vacuum sealer specifically require this exact type of bag; although our rolls will work with any vacuum sealer ever made.

Our vacuum sealer rolls have a special criss-cross pattern which allows your vacuum sealer to work better and are a massive 6 metres long (600cm) by 28cm wide. All our vacuum sealer rolls and bags are sous-vide compatible.

Our quality European vacuum rolls manufactured in Italy fully comply with the strict EU food safety regulations and carry the food-grade safety label on each roll. Fresherpack vacuum rolls are BPA, lead and phthalate free and are compliant with EU directive 2002/72/EC - plastic materials that come into contact with food. We believe we are offering the best value for money for the quality of bag and peace of mind you are getting, when ordering your vacuum rolls from Fresherpack. 

The rolls are made from the highest quality food safe multi-layered PA/PE. The PA (polyamide) layer is needed to stop air entering the bag, it is an air impenetrable exterior. The PE (Polyethylene) layer is safe to be in contact with food and is a food approved interior. These rolls can used in the freezer, microwave (place a small slit in the bag first), or even boil in the bag. Also you don't have to wait for the hot food to cool before placing it inside these special rolls.

Why are these rolls so good?

• Foodgrade & BPA free
• Nice and thick 100um
• Resilient & hard to puncture
• Special Criss-Cross effect
• Great quality

Vacuum sealer rolls allow you to make a custom sized pouch by cutting the roll to your desired size, then heat sealing the end you've cut to make a pocket or pouch. Your food can then be placed inside the now prepared vacuum bag and vacuum sealed as normal. For convenience and time-saving why not use a pre-prepared vacuum sealer bag (please see our product range) The bags will also work with all vacuum packer machines even if your original vacuum sealer only was supplied with just vacuum sealer rolls.

These vacuum channelled rolls have a special criss-cross effect which channels the air out of the bags to allow your vacuum sealer machine to work much more effectively.
Fresherpack's vacuum sealer bags and rolls are compatible with the superior Eiffel Freshpack Pro vacuum sealer, Tilia Foodsaver, Andrew James, Foodsaver, MagicVac, Rival Seal a Meal, JML
food sealer, VacMaster, Lidl's Silvercrest ... and more. If you are unsure if you vacuum sealer will work with our embossed vacuum sealer bags or rolls then drop us a line.


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Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: andrew p
“Impressed, works fab with my foodsaver vacuum sealer, thicker and better quality than the branded foodsaver rolls as well. Made in Italy is reasurring. Ordered one roll to try them out, have now ordered the 10 pack.”
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Premium Home Vacuum Sealer Eiffel Freshpack Pro L/N

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