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We know it's great to hear about the service you'll receive and the quality of our products before ordering,
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Planet Sea Fishing
Reviews the Eiffel Freshpack Pro

..."The Eiffel Freshpack Pro vacuum sealer isn’t just good… its brilliant! I hesitate to label any product idiot-proof but this neat sealer really is. And having used the unit numerous times now, I have no idea how I previously managed without one. In fact, I have become a bit of a ‘bag it and seal it’ maniac!" .... Click the link above for a full review.


Top chef Mark Hix recommends Fresherpack vacuum sealers & vacuum bags

Published in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

"A home vacuum sealer from FresherPack (01484 818775) is recommended if you want to protect and preserve your smoked food."

Published in the Independent newspaper.

You can buy your own vacuum-packing machine at, as well as all sorts of shapes and sizes of bags. It could make your dinner parties a whole lot easier in the future!"


Emails we have recieved from a selection of our satisfied customers

Why not send us a quick message through our 'contact us' form if you are happy with the product or service, we are always happy to hear from you.

1st March 2017

Thank you Fresherpack i received my order. Once again perfect, Love your quality and service, will be back soon

Thank you,

27th January 2016

"postman delivered it this morning great service, thanks"

From a valued customer in Republic of Ireland via ebay.

6th November 2014

From: malcolm chamberlain
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2014 11:57 AM
To: Fresherpack
Subject: RE: Order Receipt: 74***

thank you -your delivery was excellent -will re-order in a couple of month's.


10th August 2014

Dear Sirs or Madam's
Many thanks for the delivery of my order of vacuum rolls and such a quick delivery. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues. Kind regards Colin Kirkham


7th August 2013


Good afternoon,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the fantastic service that I have received so far from your company. I recently ordered the Eiffel Freshpack Pro and it works like a dream!

I have recently placed an order for another 100 bags, but this time a tad bigger - which I'm hoping to cater for 100g of Biltong ...

Many thanks.

Kind regards,


2nd June 2013

“just used this incredible kitchen device. i always do considerable research on any equipment that i buy and this has to be the best out there not only for its pure quality but also the excellent bags and rolls at a unbeatable prices, I am one very happy customer, I give this company 10 out of 10. tim”



26th March 2013 


... we'll have the Eiffel Vacuum Sealer with us as ever, to be honest I can't believe it's still going given the treatment it gets. It even survived getting soaked in Brighton last year which amazed me ...



Royal Pit Crew


21st September 2012

Recieved the freshpack pro yesterday well pleased thanks. jeff fryatt, belfast


13th June 2012

I found your 10 things to know document, very interesting and informative. A great job and your products are A1. I only buy from you now.
Sent from my blueyonder email account.


30th September 2011

I purchased the Eiffel Freshpack Pro vacuum sealer in January 2009 and can honestly say it has been a great asset. A friend has bought three cheaper machines of lesser quality from high street stores which have all ended up in the bin. I would certainly recommend this machine to anyone that buys food in bulk and then splits to smaller size packs. It is also ideal for veg gardeners as it keeps food far fresher when frozen than ordinary freezer bags. I initially bought mine to pack homemade sausages and burgers and now do not know how I managed before.
I have had to replace the teflon band recently but I suppose this is to be expected, I've run the machine in my hotel for nearly 3 years! Many thanks. Alec Jones, Rosscarin Hotel, Scotland.


23rd October 2010

Order Number: 24***
Order Date: 13th October 2010
I'd just like to say thank you for the prompt delivery of our vacuum sealer - Eiffel Freshpack Pro.  It really works! The bags are great and the canisters too.  So far I've sealed sweet-peppers, cabbage, fruit-salad, muesli, bread, biscuits and grated cheese (all seperately).

I haven't had to throw food away at the end of the week because it's still fresh so I would highly recommend buying this to anyone.  Not only is going to save money in the long run it also gives peace of mind and confidence that the food has remained fresh.  

This model is also very quiet.

Thank you from Susan and John Snook (he's also very impressed with the machine).


24th September 2010

Hi All - just a quick note to thank you for such a fast service! I ordered two Vacuum Sealer Food Rolls yesterday - and they have just this minute arrived today! Now that is SERVICE!
Many thanks to you.
Margo Young


27th May 2010

Hi, I have just received the above order comprising of one  vacuum sealer, YJS100 and bags.
I would like to thank you for using such a prompt and efficient delivery service. I ordered it yesterday and it arrived just before midday today.
I have already been using the unit to re-bag some frozen pre-cooked meals that I had previously prepared. The system works wonderfully and I am very pleased with the results. It won't be long before I will be ordering more bags/rolls off you!
Thanks once again, for an excellent product and service.
Keith McManus.


16th April 2010

Just to say many thanks to Fresherpack for the excellent service and product. Very glad to have found you, which we did so through eBay.

Absolutely delighted with the quality of the vacuum sealer – it’ll be perfect for us – many thanks indeed.

Kind Regards

Sales Team
Badge Base Ltd

Bromsgrove, Worcestershire,
B60 9FD

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- forum members recommend Fresherpack

MoneySaving Stalwart
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" Originally Posted by cerveza 

I am now using an Eiffel Freshpack Pro vacuum sealer, a little bit more money but worth every penny as it has been rock solid and works very well. I bought it online from Fresherpack "

I've got one of these too. In my experience the cheaper ones are just expensive bag sealers.

I love mine and think they are particularly fabulous if you are cooking for one or two. You can bulk buy or bulk cook and then freeze in small portions, save a lot of space in the freezer and keep the food for much longer. They're also good if you're a keen vegetable grower and have to deal with gluts.

It's a gadget that hasn't gone to the back of the cupboard but money spent on the cheaper versions is, in my experience, wasted. You also need the proper bags for real, long term vacuum storage and they can be expensive - ebay are the best source I've found. However, if I'm just sticking something in the freezer for short term use, I do use ordinary freezer bags.

Trudy Grapevine
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Hi, I know this is an old thread, sorry for ressurecting it but I just wanted to thank the person who recommended the Eiffel machine.
I would not have known about it if I hadn't read this forum and I am so pleased with the quality of the equipment, it is brilliant.

So if anyone else is looking for a good bag sealing machine this would be the one I would recommend. It is a bit more expensive than other models but I have heard the cheaper ones tend to be not that good.
MoneySaving Stalwart
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another vote for the Eiffel Freshpack Pro from from me, quality machine, really easy to use & great service