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September 2019

What vacuum sealer bag size is right for me?

It is always a guess when starting out vacuum sealing to choose the right bag; too small and your food won't fit in and too big is a waste of material. For your first order we recommend you order one or two sizes larger than you think you will need and then reduce the size down on subsequent orders. We have a large range of sizes starting from the 10cmx15cm which is the smallest embossed vacuum bag that can be produced, right through to the 28cmx40cm sized bag, we supply in handy packs sizes of 50 and larger 100 and even 500 packs of vacuum sealer bags.

Customer Testimonial

Mark H
Had to write a review. The thickness of these are amazing!!! Very shiny outer and very tough. Last lot I got I brought back from the states, nice to be able to get them now in the UK.
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Foil Bags / Mylar Bags 10cm x 15cm - hold up to 0.3kg