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Eiffel Freshpack Pro Sousvide Food Vacuum Sealer

Eiffel Freshpack Pro Sousvide Food Vacuum Sealer
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Eiffel The highest quality and featured packerd vacuum sealer in the UK and beyond
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The Eiffel Freshpack Pro, is a fantastic vacuum sealer. No other gives you the benefit of sealing with automatic operation, fast sucking out of the air due to its extra powerful pump, unique liquid/dust trap to protect the vacuum pump and quiet!  It gives you the strongest vacuum in its class of -0.80 bar, all the air is removed so your food stays fresher for longer and saves you money by reducing food waste.  A 2 year warranty is included, plus a full range of spare parts are also available direct from us here in the UK if needed after the warranty expires.

We have a full range of spare embossed vacuum sealer bags and rolls that are compatible with the Eiffel Freshpack Pro
. Wanting to vacuum and / or seal Mylar foil bags? Please check out our Vacuum Sealer for Foil Bags or Mylar Pouches  If you can't view the video below, visit:

The Freshpack Pro is designed for the discerning home user or business user, for example chefs, farm shops or delicatessens who want a quality cost effective solution. It also works as an independent heat sealer, if you just want to heat seal with no vacuum function. A great option if you're wanting a high specification and quality machine from the start or if you're wanting to upgrade your current model.

The Freshpack Pro is the only machine worldwide that has a safety chamber, which is a patented feature.  This safety chamber will preserve the life of your vacuum sealer for many years as it stops liquid or powder been sucked into the vacuum sealer pump causing it to breakdown. This means you spend less money on maintainence costs or replacement in the long term.

Suitable for all food and all non-food items.

Sous-Vide compatible! Due to the strong heat seal it produces it can withstand the high temperature cooking sous vide demands without splitting back open, most other vacuum sealers are not suitable due to the poor seal that may be created, all our vacuum bags are sous vide cooking compatible

Vegetables, meats, fish, dairy produce & more will last three to five times as long. Seal already opened bags of frozen veg, no more peas and carrots rolling round your freezer. Seal opened bags of crisps and nachos or biscuits or anything edible to lengthen the life span of your food. No more freezer burn of bulk purchases of meat.

The Freshpack Pro is retail boxed with full operating instructions and comes with 10 FREE large embossed bags (25cmx35cm) to get you started.

The unique Eiffel safety chamber underneath the unit, protects the machine long term unlike others out there.

vacuum sealer safety chamber



before vacuum sealing




after vacuum sealing



As you can see all the air is removed, creating a tight seal against the lemons in this example.

Does the Freshpack Pro have the power to crush a drinks can?

DOes Eiffel have power to crush a can


Yes! The Eiffel is the most powerful vacuum sealer available in its class, look at that!



vacuum sealer crushes a can

It can seal bags or rolls from between 2" (5cm) wide to 11" (28cm) wide with no problem, with length from 4" (10cm) upto 40" (100cm). The sealer houses a powerful vacuum piston pump and always removes all of the air, this only happens in this pro quality machine.

Technical information:

• Dimensions of unit: 34.5 X 15 X 7.5 cm
• Vacuum Max: 600mmHg or -0.80bar

• Power consumption: 130W
The Eiffel Freshpack Pro is also compatible with our marinators / canisters, which allow you to vacuum seal items such as:

  • Delicate Fruits (e.g. Strawberries, Raspberries)
  • Liquids (e.g. Juices, Milk)
  • Crushable items (e.g. Breads, cakes, biscuits)
  • Pureed Foods (e.g. Soups, broths, smoothie, baby food)

How do I operate the unit?

It's really ease to use. You place the bag in the sealer, close it. For automatic mode you press the start button, the machine then takes over and will then automatically suck the air out and then automatically seals it, press the 'release button' then unclick the lid, the bag can then be removed .

There are 3 separate heat seal settings on the Freshpack Pro, the arrow buttons can be used to adjust the time length of the heat seal operation from a short time (the low setting) through to a longer time (the high setting). The option selected depends on the thickness of the bag you are using, this setting can be reduced to low if you are sealing lots of bags in a row.

The stop button is only needed in manual mode, where you can suck out the amount of air required before pressing the sealing bar to seal the bag manually. Manual operation is only needed for delicate foods such as bread or crackers so they are not crushed, very handy.

Reasons to buy the Eiffel Freshpack Pro:




fresherpack green tickRobust build quality at a fair price - Don't buy cheap and buy twice.

fresherpack green tickAir sucked out fast due to its extra powerful pump - Quick to use

fresherpack green tick Can be used as an independent heat sealer

fresherpack green tickManual override option - Take out your desired amount of air

fresherpack green tickUnique safety chamber - Protects machine long-term

fresherpack green tickFully Automatic operation  - Easy to use

fresherpack green tickPowerful piston pump - Your food stays fresher for longer  

fresherpack green tickMassive 30cm (approx 11") width can be sealed - Seal whatever you want

fresherpack green tickThree step sealing temperature  - Makes light work of consecutive seals

fresherpack green tick CE Safety approved  - Great for peace of mind

fresherpack green tick 2 year warranty

fresherpack green tick Quietest in its class, apart from the Freshpack Pro L/N model


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Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Derek B
“A really nice vacuum sealer, which I use to seal fish. The safety chamber is a fab feature which stops any liquid from the fish going into the vacuum sealer. The Eiffel Freshpack Pro is very solidly build and replaces my Foodsaver which broke down.”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Fred T
“Have had ours just over a week. Excellent machine. Vacuum seals just like the shop.”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Tony S
“I am happy with my choice of the Eiffel. Seals and packs well. Fast free delivery as well, just a couple of days, much quicker than the 3 to 5 days they said. Keep it up fresherpack.”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Tim C
“just used this incredible kitchen device. i always do considerable research on any equipment that i buy and this has to be the best out there not only for its pure quality but also the excellent bags and rolls at a unbeatable prices, I am one very happy customer, I give this company 10 out of 10. tim”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Barry C
“Very strong vacuum sealer and produces a proper vacuum, this replaces my Andrew James machine which I sent back as I was not happy with it.”
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