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Oxygen Absorber Indicator OxyEye - Master Pack of 100

Oxygen Absorber Indicator OxyEye - Master Pack of 100
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Our oxygen indicator sachets are used to show when exposure to oxygen has or is happening, for example a sealed pack you have made is damaged or exposed to oxygen with an indicator inside it will show you visually this has happened. Just put one indicator into each bag you are going to seal (usually a clear bag) so presence of oxygen can be detected visually. Also know as Oxy-Eyes.

In our oxygen absorber master packs an OxyEye is on show to show the freshness of the oxygen absorbers in its pink colour state. When the pack is opened and left and oxgyen tampers with the indicator it turns purple.

Q. What is an OxyEye

A. An OxyEye is a colour changing sachet packed inside the master vacuum sealed bag along with the oxygen absorbers, the OxyEye is pink when the oxygen absorbers have not been exposed to air (oxygen) and are ready to use. The OxyEye turns blue/purple if the master vacuum sealed bag has been damaged and air (oxygen) has then already used up the oxygen absorbers capacity. So in summary the OxyEye is a good indicator of the oxygen absorbers freshness.

Value pack 100, you can open the pack take out what you need and vacuum or heat seal the remaining to reuse at a later date.

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