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Oxygen Absorbers - 300cc

Oxygen Absorbers - 300cc

Oxygen absorbers are usually used with mylar bags or foil bags to offer a long term storage solution, but can be used in other applications. Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen for the air to increase the shelf life in a sealed bag. More Information

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Product Information

Packed in 20pcs per factory vacuum sealed bag (and multiples of 20 for larger quantities) the OxyFree brand 300cc oxygen absorbers include OxyEye inside each pack to ensure freshness, OxyFree is a USA brand and the leading oxygen absorber brand worldwide.    All oxygen absorbers we supply are foodgrade so are safe to be in contact with food and of a great quality.

Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from the air, when one of these 300cc oxygen absorbers is placed inside one of our foil bags and sealed, the oxygen within the bag is removed. The capacity of oxygen removal of these
oxygen absorbers matches the 20x30cm, 25x35cm & 30x34cm foil bags we sell, one in each bag. For our extra large foil bags 50cm x 75cm 5 gallon 20kg preppers bags,  2 to 3 of these oxygen absorbers are needed depending on how dense what you are sealing and how full the bag is.

Actual size of the 300cc absorbers are: 5cm x 7cm

After opening the pack and using what you need straight away, the remainder should be kept in a airtight mason jar, vacuum sealed or the bag they come in heat sealed. This allows you to store the remaining oxygen absorber sachets without having to worry about them being exposed to the oxygen in the air once you have opened the vacuum sealed pack.


Q. For a 300cc oxygen absorber how much oxygen is absorbed?
A. 300cc of oxygen, it is worth remembering our air
is just under 21% oxygen. A larger capacity oxygen absorber is fine to be used than needed, it will just hold a reserve of extra capacity for example if the bag you are storing is briefly opened and closed.

Q. What is an OxyEye
A. An OxyEye is a colour changing sachet packed inside the master vacuum sealed bag along with the oxygen absorbers, the OxyEye is pink when the oxygen absorbers have not been exposed to air (oxygen) and are ready to use. The OxyEye turns blue/purple if the master vacuum sealed bag has been damaged and air (oxygen) has then already used up the oxygen absorbers capacity. So in summary the OxyEye is a good indicator of the oxygen absorbers freshness.

Our oxygen absorbers are of the highest quality available, they
are not the cheaper paper variety that are widely available, they are made of Tyvek type plastic which comprises of flashspun high density polyethylene fibres. This higher quality oxygen absorber offers much greater protection, for example if the product you are sealing has any fat content the plastic does not degrade and allow transfer through, unlike the paper encased equivalent. (Although it is not recommended using Foil bags with products that have high fat/moisture levels.)

Oxygen Absorbers remove oxygen from the Mylar foil bags to below 0.01%. They work by when exposed to air, the iron in the sachet quickly starts to absorb the oxygen and breaks it down into harmless iron-oxide which is safely contained in the packet and does not contaminate the food. Each of these 300cc oxygen absorber is designed to treat 10kg void of product and are well over specified for their application.  It is normal for a partial vacuum to be created within 24 hours of the oxygen absorbers being sealed within the Mylar bag, as the 20% oxygen in the air inside the Mylar bag is removed. 

Benefits of Oxygen Absorbers:

    * Greatly prolongs product shelf life

    * Prevents growth of insects, harmful organisms, including molds &

      aerobic pathogens

     * Eliminates the need for additives such as sulphur dioxide or benzoates etc.

  Need a larger quantity? We hold large stocks and ship quickly, drop us a line for a quote.

Customer Reviews
Mark H

Along with the mylar bags i also got these. Again the quality is there. Would recommend and will be back for more soon. Mark Harris.

L .

Fantastic, easy to use! 28 March 2017 Verified Purchase Very very pleased with this company and products. I purchased these to use with their mylar bags to store food *in case* of TEOTWAWKI. You never know in this climate if supply lines may suffer, so I have some dried foods put away just in case. Also, if there is some problem with inflation, or you know if the value of the pound goes way low, I feel a bit safer having a few things stashed away. So now I may have convinced you that I'm not crazy, I can tell you about the product. Firstly, they work! quite a good point for these kind of things. I've attached photos to show. I used their mylar bags which are great (from what I've read online, they are a thicker version than those most commonly available in America, so I'm pleased they sell the good one). You basically just put your stuff in the bags, seal it about two thirds with a clothes iron, then when you have completed that stage you QUICKLY put these oxygen absorbers into the bags, or get your partner to, whilst QUICKLY sealing the remainder of the bag with a clothes iron. You have about 15 minutes so work fast!!! I have also read that it is easier to use a hair straightener to seal the bags but I don't have one so just used the clothes iron, which worked well enough, but a hair straightener may help to work faster. If you are unsure of the process just pop over to youtube and there are many videos showing you how to do it. Practice on one first before you start! You must avoid wrinkles/creases or oxygen will get in. The process is actually really simple, this was my first try and messed up only 5 out of 50 bags. Just practice and follow instructions and it's really easy. I will certainly be buying more mylar bags and oxy absorbers from these guys as soon as I have the funds to do so. I completely recommend these products (I'm writing about the bags in this review purely because you can't really use the absorbers for anything else other than with those bags, so it makes sense to me to cover both) The pictures I attached are of bags that were done 25 days ago, and as you can see by the slight vacuum effect, they are properly sealed and all good. (do check them after a few days just in case it isn't sealed properly) They do not vacuum completely because only the oxygen is removed. NB our air is *not* made of *only* oxygen. You remove the oxygen only which slows any degredation of the food product. You still have nitrogen in there, they will not deflate entirely, you should expect a slight deflation, not a total one. ASIN B00CEWRYD8

tAP Dave .

Five Stars 2 February 2017 Verified Purchase Arrived FAST ... Sealed .. 10/10 ASIN B00CEWRYD8

anne .

Excellent keeps my seeds fresh. 11 August 2017 Verified Purchase Keeps my wheat seeds fresh for storage. ASIN B00CEWRYD8

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