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Clear Front Foil 16cm x 24cm Silver Standup Pouches - Hold up to 1kg

Clear Front Foil 16cm x 24cm Silver Standup Pouches - Hold up to 1kg

Standard quality 3.1mil thick version. 16cm x 24cm stand up pouches with clear front complete with ziplock and tear notch. Holds up to 1000g in weight or 1000ml of liquid. Can be used to display health supplements tablets, sweets etc. More Information

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Product Information

Standard quality 3.1mil thick version

 fresherpack green tick  Perfect for displaying health supplements, herbs, spices or sweets etc. Holds up to 1kg or 1litre of liquid

fresherpack green tick 16cm X 24cm stand up pouch with tear notch included - Easy to display

fresherpack green tick   Silver on the back, clear on the front- Great visual for your product

fresherpack green tick  Can be heat sealed and / or ziplocked - Great for convenience

fresherpack green tick  3.1mil thick (80um) - Lightweight easy to handle bag

fresherpack green tick   Foodgrade inner - Safe for food storage

fresherpack green tick  Top feeding bags - Easy to fill

The internal dimensions are 20cm (max) from ziplock to bottom of the bag, width is 14.5cm excluding the welded seams. The gusset is 5cm + 5cm, total 10cm which is standard for a standup bag of this type.

We can also supply other specifications or larger quantities, just drop us a line.


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