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Vacuum Sealer / Heat Sealer - For Mylar Bags, Foil Bags or Smooth Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Sealer / Heat Sealer - For Mylar Bags, Foil Bags or Smooth Vacuum Bags

A vacuum sealer for mylar bags, foil bags or smooth vacuum bags! It has a unique snorkel which allows it vacuum the air out of them. Complete with independent oversized 4mm heat sealer, for the professional seal. More Information

Was: £299.99 Now: £199.97
Was: £299.99 Now: £199.97
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Product Information

This vacuum sealer solves the problem many have asked. How do you vacuum seal smooth mylar bags, foil bags or smooth vacuum bags, without breaking the bank, please note this machine is designed to work with smooth bags and not embossed bags. It has a unique snorkel design that moves in and out, which allows it create a vacuum in smooth foil  or clear bags, thick or thin. The only other option is a chamber vacuum sealers which are £1000+ . Read on to find out more . . .

fresherpack green tick Heat seal is a oversized 4mm wide and has the power to seal upto 8mil or 200um in thickness

fresherpack green tickManual override option - Take out your desired amount of air

fresherpack green tickLiquid chamber attachment vessel - Protects machine long-term

fresherpack green tickSemi Automatic operation  - Draws air out, you press bar to seal

fresherpack green tickPowerful piston pump - Your food stays fresher for longer  

fresherpack green tickMassive 28cm width can be sealed - Seal whatever you want

fresherpack green tick Solid weighty construction - Includes 1 year warranty

fresherpack green tickUK specification 230V 50Hz, with English manual and UK plug.

This vacuum sealer also can vacuum seal smooth vacuum sealer bags and includes 10 FREE clear smooth vacuum bags 20x30cm to get you started!

Technical specification:

Weight: 3kg

Dimensions: 35cmx 14cm x 8cm

Heat seal element width: 28cm

Duration of heat seal: User selectable 0 to 9 seconds

Vacuum power: -0.8bar

Warranty: 1 year

Bag type: Smooth Mylar foil or smooth vacuum bags


Customer Reviews
andrew p

Heavier than expected machine, well built. I was looking for a solution to seal smooth bags without having to pay 1000+ for a chamber vac sealer, this is it! Great machine, the snorkel pipe that comes out is amazing. Recommended. Andrew, Herts.

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