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Vacuum Sealer Heat Seal Teflon Tape for Eiffel, JML, Foodsaver, Andrew James etc.

Vacuum Sealer Heat Seal Teflon Tape for Eiffel, JML, Foodsaver, Andrew James etc.

A replacement 35cm by 1cm length of teflon tape that is compatible with all home vacuum sealers. To replace your existing worn teflon tape. Order direct only from our amazon warehouse stock More Information

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Product Information

Available to order direct from our amazon fulfilment stock -

This replacement length of teflon tape is 35cm long and 1cm in width.  It is compatible with most vacuum sealers of 20cm or 30cm in length including the full Eiffel Freshpack Pro range. This teflon tape can easily be cut down to the correct length using a standard pair of household scissors if needed. Most vacuum sealer heating elements are around 2mm to 4mm in width so this teflon tape has ample width being 10mm in width.

Why might I need a new tape?

If you have a vacuum sealer that came without a non-stick strip on your vacuum sealer and you are finding your bag stuck when trying to remove your vacuum bag after vacuuming sealing, then this may be the item for you. 

You may have a vacuum sealer with a strip already present, but over time they can wear (dark brown or black marks start to appear) and it is wise to replace this strip sooner rather than later, rather than risking damaging the vacuum sealer heating element underneath the teflon strip.

It may also be that you vacuum sealed bag after time air comes back into the bag, this could indicate that the teflon strip has a 'bump' or small raised section in it so a perfect seal was not created at the time of vacuum sealing, replacing the teflon strip should solve this problem.


How easy is it to fit?

This Fresherpack strip is of made of high grade teflon tape and has a peel and stick back for ease of use, it is non-stick so your vacuum sealer bag will not stick to the heat seal wire of your machine. Just peel off your old teflon stip and stick the new one in its place.

The top brown colour side which is the teflon non-stick side and the underneath in yellow which covers the non-stick side and this yellow strip is peeled off before sticking it down after of course removing the old strip on your machine.

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